Starting Drum Lessons – Recommended Equipment List

I put together this post as a list of the recommended equipment for beginning drum students. This is all you really need to get started learning drums. You don’t need to go out and buy everything at once, the items are in order that you need them. When I started playing drums I started with sticks and a practice pad for 6 months, then I got a snare, and 4 months later I got a starter Drumset.

Drum Sticks – BUY HERE $12-$15

I recommend 5B wood tip hickory sticks. My preferred brand is PRO-MARK These are a good stick for beginners they will get you started and on your way. They have an average length, average thickness, and average weight that is ideal for almost every situation. I do not recommend nylon tipped sticks especially for beginners because if the tips get chipped or damaged they can be very destructive to drum heads quickly.

Practice Pad – BUY HERE $30-$35

Evans RealFeel 2 sided practice pad – I have used this practice pad since 1999 and I highly recommend it. This practice pad is nearly indestructible there is no plastic to crack or foam rubber to disintegrate. The wood base is very sturdy and heavy duty. It has the best feel for quiet practice and warmups. The size is big enough to get the same feel as a real drum. The neoprene side feels like a real drum and is quieter, the black rubber side feels like a tightly tuned marching snare and is a little louder.

Snare Drum Stand – BUY HERE$45-$50


I don’t have a particular recommendation for snare drum stands but this one from Pacfic/DW is a great option for the price. What I look for is double braced legs, and a memory lock to ensure it doesn’t slip. It may be important for you to consider the minimum and maximum heights for the stand especially if you will be playing in school band standing up, or for smaller players sitting down.

Metronome APP – download here $FREE

In the past I would have told students to buy a metronome, but honestly it’s one more thing to carry and one more thing to loose. There are tons of free metronome apps available for apple and android devices so if you have a phone, ipod, tablet, or computer handy just download a metronome app and use it!

Music Stand – BUY HERE $20-$30

Music stands are essential for learning drums to hold your music up while you play. They also come in handy as you progress as a place to keep shakers, tambourines, triangles and other small percussion instruments.