Accent Warm Up – lesson

Accent Warm Up – click to download PDF

This is a deceptively simple accent warm up shifting the accents around to different parts of the beat and going from left to right and right to left. Listen very carefully to the sound of your accented notes, and the sound of your non-accented notes to make sure they are even. I like to focus on having two stick heights one for accents and one for the rest of the notes and make sure I stay consistent. GO slow before going FAST.

Trains and Truffles

Trains and Truffles

Click to VIEW lesson PDF.

One of the Signature rhythms in Country music is the Train. It can be very confusing at first to play this beat, follow this lesson PDF as it shows you examples of different train beats as well as gives you some fill ideas to start with.
One of the keys to playing the train is listening to music with a train beat, if you play the music straight ahead without the swing and accent of country music you won’t get the right feel.